Paradise location is considered a unique spot offering Kite Surfers 2km of waist-deep water, with constant side on-shore wind creating the safest and biggest kite surfing destination at Ras Sudr for over than 15 km, no more bumping into each other. During high tides, riders can enjoy the wide open space and the exciting kicker waves which turn the spot into the Kite surfers rejoice. The wind conditions are friendly and consistent. Kites used ranging from 9 to 12 meters, which is ideal for both complete beginners and professionals.


Kite Side will give you the thrill of adventure at Paradise


Glide over the crystal-clear turquoise water on a high tide or a low one


Some like to swim underwater others like to glide over it. You can do both at Paradise Ras Sudr.

Paradise Kite surfing center offers professional kite learning courses within a safe and laid-back environment. It is a haven, where beginners and world-class professionals hang out to relax and rejoice their exciting rides.

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