Life and Community


Paradise is an integrated community, whose members share a similar lifestyle. Within our Paradise family, values such as love of life, respect to each other and to nature, adventure and also peacefulness are always celebrated

Enjoy the Beach

Our Beach stretches for 1 km long and you can enjoy all our fun and beach activities all day long with friends and family.

 Yoga Spot

Our beach is ideal for Yoga and meditation. You can sign up for our Yoga classes with the best instructors and get your energy centered.

Get Active

Our 1 km long beach is ideal for a power run during you vacation at Paradise Ras Sudr.

Kite Buzz

No matter the tides are high or low, get an adrenaline boost at Kite Buzz. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro you will enjoy gliding over the crystal clear water and kicker waves.

Landscape and View

Your home will overlook an outstanding view of landscapes and 8 swimming pools, gathering the pure colors of nature bringing joy to your eyes and soul.

Family Friendly

Bond together and be a part of our community. Paradise Ras Sudr is a place for your family to spend time and reunite in the holidays and vacations.


At the end of every day, it’s an amazing start for a wonderful night of great weather and fun night at Paradise. Whether on the beach or the poolside, there’s always a fun thing to do at Paradise around the clock.

Fine Dining

You will find all the fine dining that you are used to in the city right here at Paradise Ras Sudr.


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