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Paradise Ras Sudr is your ultimate destination for quiet time and peace of mind, a place to relax and regain your energy away from the city life. No matter how your relaxing style is, your place is at paradise. With a wide variety of different activities available at Paradise, every day spent will not be wasted. For adventure seekers you can enjoy a day kite surfing, practicing beach sports and exploring the marine life. And for the less adventurous our serene and calm environment is perfect for relaxation, yoga and meditation.

The first phase of Paradise Ras Sudr,was established in 1998, with 300 units and 2 Swimming pools on 240,000 m2 area. By 2004 the second phase”Panorama” was launched with 300 units and 1 swimming pool. Afterwards in 2008, the third phase “Elegance” started with 250 units and 1 swimming pool, and in 2015 the 4th phase “Ilario” was launched to house more than 500 units and 7 swimming pools.


RasSudr is located in South Sinai governorate, about 37 miles south of the Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, which connects mainland Egypt to Sinai, and is the second most important town on the Gulf of Suez after El-Tor.

It is divided into North Ras Sudr, consisting of tourist centers at Ras Masalla, South Oyoun Moussa and Ras Dehaisah, and South Ras Sudr, where most of the recent developments are, and other touristic attractions including Ras Matarma, an-Nakhila and Ras Mal’ab.

Paradise Ras Sudr is located in Raas Matarma, in the southern part of Ras Sudr, that is known to be the ideal location for kite surfing with near constant winds and amazing lagoons .


In 1974, engineer Rafik Sarkis founded Egypto Group and since then it has been operating as one of Egypt’s leading contracting and real estate companies for more than 30 years. With Egypto’s remarkable number of projects, one can easily say that it acquired the expertise and knowledge needed to satisfy the necessities and pre-requisites of our high end market.

Egypto started its contracting Career path with major resorts in EinSokhna, and in 1998 Egypto for Tourism Investment started construction in its first project in RasSudr, Paradise Resort ,a set of luxury beach houses, chalets, and a hotel, all managed by Paradise Resorts.

The success of the first project was a trigger to start a sequel project, Paradise Panorama, and the third, Paradise Elegance & Finally our fourth and latest project Paradise Ilario.

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